Bad-Driving Show & Tell


1 distracted driving death every 1.6 hours

1 injury related to distracted driving every 1.75 minutes



click the view/submit link (above) to View/submit bad driving behavior

Representative pictures of distracted driving with special focus on texting drivers will be displayed here.  DDT's pictures will be plain-view images of distracted driving behavior. Texting and handheld cell phone use is illegal in many states, including MD, DE, NJ, NY, CT, and DC.


Some drivers text at red lights, others on the go as well. The good drivers pull off and do the texting and calling while stopped and off the highway. Some drivers text and read their phones and call while driving in parking lots and shopping mall lots and even when backing out of parking spaces!  How dumb is that.  Although some legislatures exclude manual dialing and screen-reading from their definitions of texting, those actions involve the same distraction and should also be banned.

va handheld phone driver

Drivers with handheld cell phones don't seem to care whether they are stopped or in motion, on the open road or in parking lots. Yet, if they dial a number or look at the incoming call number, they are texting!

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