offenses submitted to drivers don't text by viewers


Link to Federal Campaign against Distracted Driving

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DDT invites viewers to submit driver texting, driver handheld cellphone use, photo-enforcement-avoidance license plate covers, running a red light, aggressive driving, and other offensive driving practices for publication via Submit or view details of offensive instances by clicking on the "View/Submit" navigation element above.  Submission constitutes acceptance of the terms and conditions delineated on the "Disclaimer" page (click on the "Disclaimer" link above to read the entire "Disclaimer" page prior to submitting any instances of driver behavior).

The following table identifies submissions; related video for an instance will be found by searching the full information for the plate after clicking the "View/Submit Offenses" navigation tab (please be patient with the slow-loading table - DDT is working to fix that).  License plate covers (anti-photo objective) generally are illegal and are included here because they indicate a bad driver attitude.  If you see a plate number you recognize, let the owner know you saw it here.  If the public takes responsibility for making highways safer, we together can make great strides toward that goal.

Please do your part but do it smartly.  It is risky to take pictures in a hostile setting, even if it is justifiable.  Have a passenger do the photography/video work discretely (Capturing the images with a smartphone while you look elsewhere is more subtle and less threatening than openly pointing a camera at a car/driver and staring at the subject. Taking photos from behind tinted windows disguises the activity more.).  High pixel photos/videos provide more satisfactory images.
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The table identifies "offenses" (or what submitters identify as just plain dangerous and offensive practices) and the respective license plate:
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