Ads Featuring Dangerous Driving

Lane of Shame:
GEICO - Do dogs chase cats?
All ads noting that  the driver is a professional on a closed course - in other words, driving dangerously and setting a poor example!

Product Innovations that Facilitate Bad Behavior?
Does a product add-on that overrides driver errors and inattention make the bad driver behavior more likely, thereby doing more damage than good? Such as driving drowsy? or being distracted? Mercedes and Volvo promote these features.
Many ads for cars show cars being driven by "professional drivers" "on a closed track" and bear the warning in text that viewers should not attempt to drive in the manner displayed in the ad. That is irresponsible!

It is time for reckless car ads to show "This is stupid driving!" across the middle of the ad in bold letters!

There is a GEICO (insurance company) ad that shows a dog and cat racing recklessly and endangering other drivers and pedestrians on San Francisco streets. Most of the comments posted on YouTube are that the ad is entertaining and fun. That mindset that such ads are amusing is indicative of the obstacles to universally responsible driving behavior.

A link to the GEICO ad on YouTube: "Do Dogs Chase Cats?" driving like Steve McQueen in "Bullit."

DDT advocates voluntary development and adoption of a code of responsible driving by all advertisers, movie companies and game companies. Driving that would be illegal on everyday streets with ordinary drivers should be "XXX" rated and banned from all commercial media advertising. Thrill and chase scene driving also should be given an "RR" or "XXX" rating for movies and video games because of the irresponsible example presented. Most comments (of over 400) about the GEICO chase advertisement indicated that the viewer thought the ad was very funny with no mention of the obvious reckless endangerment. It is hard to comprehend why a major automobile insurance company thinks such dangerous driving is amusing.

Mercedes shows ads that feature cars being driven in dangerous crossing patterns and controlled skids and in circles on ice, seemingly narrowly missing each other at high speed. Such reckless driving is irresponsible at all times and certainly is inexcusable in TV ads that are seen by all age groups. Examples on YouTube:

* Ice Waltz

*Through a Window:

And now an add from Lexus which contains distracted driving and reckless driving:
Lexus GS 2013

And now even the Ford Taurus is demonstrating driver stupidity for the masses to imitate:
Ford Taurus 2013
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