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Driver Texting Is Deadly


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The nagation links above are self-explanatory.  If you wish to see specific instances of offenses or wish to submit your own photos and information, click on the "View/Submit Offenses" link.   Submission constitutes acceptance of the terms and conditions delineated on the "Disclaimer" page (click on the "Disclaimer" link above to read the entire "Disclaimer" page prior to submitting any instances of driver behavior).

Drivers MUST NOT Text

  • Drivers Don't Text advocates zero tolerance of driver texting.
  • DDT seeks elimination of driver texting by raising public awareness of the danger caused by the texters so acutely that the public takes ownership of the issue and takes responsibility for eradication of driver texting.
  • DDT visitors have the power to provide insurors and authorities with video and photo-based identification of texting drivers, distracted driving, and other bad driving behavior. Provide enough of a database and they will not ignore it.
  • DDT also advances the position that texting includes reading incoming call numbers/IDs and dialing numbers on handheld phones and reading newsfeeds and social network postings and email advisories.

Texting Drivers and Distracted Drivers Cause Terrible Losses

  • 25% of all car accidents are related to distracted driving (NHTSA).
  • National Safety Council estimates that texting causes 100,000 crashes/year.
  • 4 in 10 Americans say they were hit or almost hit by a driver distracted by a cell phone (Nationwide).
  • The cost to an employer for each crash involving an employee averages $16,000 (OSHA).
  • The cost to an employer for an average crash in which an employee is injured is $74,000 (OSHA).
  • The cost to an employer for an average crash in which an employee is killed is over $500,000 (OSHA).
  • 16 people and more than 1,300 are injured each day as a result of distracted driving (NHTSA).
  • Drivers using handheld devices are 4 times as likely to get injured themselves in serious crashes (IIHS).
  • Using any type of cell phone slows drivers' reactions similar to DUI blood alcohol levels (Univ. of Utah).

Everyone Needs to Take Responsibility for Eliminating Driver Texting

  • Everyone is responsible for tolerating driver texting and the consequences.
  • Laws and regulations restricting driver cell phone use and texting are more numerous in more states while at the same time that budget cuts are reducing police resources and enforcement coverage.
  • Compliant drivers and travelers need to act prudently to restore civility and courtesy on the highways.
  • Families and drivers need to set good driving behavior examples for the teen and child passengers.
  • Zero tolerance of reckless driving in commercials, movies and games is essential to making bad driving unacceptable and eliminating the amusement aspect of dangerous driving.
  • NASCAR drivers need to promote safe driving prominently, to deglamorize their racetrack behavior and to make it very clear that they leave aggressive driving and risk-taking at the track.
  • A retraining component should be required in addition to current fines and penalties for each type of driving infraction.

If the public insists on restoring the principle that driving is a privilege and that public safety is a right, we can remove non-compliant drivers from the road and make travel safer.

The public must take ownership of the driver texting issue and responsibility for remedial actions, especially since police budgets are under pressure, reducing traffic enforcement resources.

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