Consequences of Driver-Texting

Driver Texting Is Deadly



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1. North Carolina Car Accident Disaster: Teen Driver's Texting Leads to High School Tragedy

April 6, 2011 by Michael A. DeMayo

2. New Data from VTTI Provide Insight into Cell Phone Use and Driving Distraction

VTTI’s research showed that text messaging, which had the highest risk of over 20 times worse than driving while not using a phone, also had the longest duration of eyes off road time (4.6 s over a 6‐s interval). This equates to a driver traveling the length of a football field at 55 mph without looking at the roadway. Talking/listening to a cell phone allowed drivers to maintain eyes on the road and were not associated with an increased safety risk to nearly the same degree.

3. How Text Messaging Affects Driver Behavior (US Navy Safety Center ppt presentation)

91% of Americans think it's unsafe to text messages while drivingand that it's just as bad as driving after a couple of drinks. (Harris Poll) So why do legislators in numerous states still feel that there is no compelling rationale for bans on texting by drivers? And if those same texting devices are handheld phones that have a display and are touch -dialed and can display Internet content, should such use also be banned?

4. People Magazine Heroes among Us: A Tragic Crash, A Daughter's Crusade, Jacy Good; April 11, 2011, page 134.

(The People article is not accessible; this is a substitute link to Jacy Good's story and crusade as described in a Muhlenberg College publication).

An 18-year-old talking on a cell phone ran a red light, causing a tractor trailer to run into Good's car, killing her parents and almost killing her. Sadly, these tragic accidents, deaths and injuries and related costs happen every day and many offenders face only misdemeanor charges and civil penalties.

5. Missouri State Highway Patrol Kicks Off Statewide Anti-texting Campaign with Con-way Freight and Roush Fenway Racing

Public Safety Initiative Introduces New "No Texting" Logo, Calls on All Missouri Motorists to Put Down Their Cell Phones and PDAs and Focus on Safe Driving When Behind the Wheel


The Public needs to take ownership of the driver behavior issue and responsibility for elimination of driver texting and driver use of handheld cell phones. The Public should praise those drivers who pull off the road to text and call.

Write and call your respective state senators and representatives and tell them that you want a comprehensive ban on texting by all drivers, not just teens, in your state.  Contact your governor's office as well.  Politicians know that for every voice they hear, there are at lest 100 who didn't speak up but feel the same way.

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