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DDT seeks to restore the roadway civility, order, respect, and responsibility vital to community health, highway safety and a functional society. A society is not sustainable if its members do not buy into its principles and obligations. Please help!

Driver Texting Is Deadly

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A few seconds of texting can cause catastrophic costs and losses (death, injury, disability, loss of job, inability to provide for family and self, loss of companions and family members, life-long limitations) while the texting driver gets a relative slap on the wrist. This must be changed through the law, enforcement, and public accountability. DDT is not about vigilante-justice but instead seeks to make the public aware that it has a duty not to tolerate bad driving behavior, to induce changes in behavior and to remove bad drivers from the highways.

Addiction to texting compels drivers to take great personal safety risks and to jeopardize the health and safety of others.  This irrational compulsion to send a message right away can be very costly and is irrefutably dangerous.

Texting drivers must be stopped.  Education helps but a much more direct and forceful approach is needed. A former head of the NY state police said that education can achieve only 75% compliance; enforcement is required to get beyond 75%.  Drivers Don't Text is founded on the premise that absolute intolerance of driver texting can and should be enforced by society.  The public needs to take responsibility for the safety of our highways and to identify and to publicize the bad behavior of drivers in very public spaces.

Drivers Don't Text provides this site and methodology for publicizing bad driving behavior, particularly that of texting drivers.

The Internet ensures that documentation of bad driving behavior can be available universally and 24/7.  It facilitates societal persuasion that will induce drivers to improve their behavior.  The police and DMVs will take notice and engage the public to augment official efforts with public persuasion and this continual DDT effort.

Drivers Don't Text is located in Virginia but has a nationwide presence via the Internet. Bad driving behavior needs nationwide awareness 24/7 for nationwide results.  This site makes that possible.

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