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  • More people have been killed and injured in 20 years of US traffic accidents than all the US battle casualties in all its wars since 1620.

  • Distracted driving in the US kills 3,300 people/year and injures 416,000 people/year.

  • The National Safety Council estimates that driver texting causes 100,000 US crashes/year.

  • DDT seeks to restore the roadway civility, order, respect and responsibility vital to community health and a functioning society with public zero tolerance of driver texting and distracted driving.
  • Identify bad driver behavior here on DDT to help insurors, authorities, family, friends and co-workers persuade the bad drivers to change their attitudes and behaviors or get off the road.
  • Collective public action can achieve greater highway safety than our limited sworn-officer resources have.
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Driver Texting and Other Bad Driving Behavior (and accept disclosure conditions)
Driver Texting and Other Bad Driving Behavior
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DDT posts submissions of driver texting, distracted driving, driver use of handheld cellphones and other offenses from the public.
Education and traditional enforcement achieve only about 75% to 85% compliance, according to police estimates.
DDT's eventual objective is for 97% of drivers to comply willingly.  DDT's innovative approach will get us there.
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